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Plug-In Mosquito Killer Unit
This 2-pin (round) unit plugs into the mains and, with a tablet inserted in the slot, slowly emit..
Mosquito Smoke Coils
An effective repellent against mosquitoes and other irritating flying insects. Each coil will las..
Portable Mosquito Killer Unit
A battery powered insect killer unit that can be used independently in large tents, huts and hote..
Portable Mosquito Killer Refill
For use with Lifesystems Portable Mosquito Killer Units. Pack contains 5 cartridges. Active ..
Midge & Mosquito Head Net
The Midge / Mosquito Head Net will protect the head, face and neck from annoying flying insects. ..
Insect Fumers
Fumers are a great way to start controlling crawling and flying insect pests. Once activated the ..
Plug-In Mosquito Killer Refill
For use with Plug-In Mosquito Killer Unit. Pack includes 20 refills. Active Ingredient(s): 0...
Explorer First Aid Kit
For anyone heading into the outdoors, this first aid kit combines a wide range of contents to ..
Camping First Aid Kit
The Camping First Aid Kit is an excellent, compact kit for dealing with most accidents involved w..
Trek First Aid Kit
The Trek First Aid Kit is an excellent, compact kit for dealing with small accidents. This is why..
Midge & Mosquito 50 Repellent
UK Shipping only. If you are travelling to any area that may have smaller biting insects such..
12 Hr Light Sticks
When in the outdoors it is often useful to have a light source to either attract others in case o..
Bite and Sting Relief
UK Shipping only. Lifesystems bite and sting relief soothes the discomfort and itching of bit..
Tick Remover
Ergonomically designed stainless steel tweezers to efficiently remove ticks without leaving the h..
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